Q1. What is a GPS tracker integrated speed limiter? 

It's a GPS tracking device integrated speed limit function,include the functions real time GPS car tracking,fleet management and limit a pre-set maximum speed. All these speed data can be recorded and downloaded by USB disk.etc.

It's produced according to Ethiopia transport authority, Kenya and Nigeria and other African countries' requirements. 


Q2.Why do we install GPS speed limiters? 

It's mandatory enforcement to install GPS speed limiter once it is published by one country's law.

For example, Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Rwanda and other Africian countries.


Q3. How does the GPS speed limiter work in a vehicle? 

There are mainly 3 types of GPS speed limiter. 
1. Normally we just use fuel type, in order to control the feed of fuel pump. 
2. Second method is using an adjustable solenoid valve to lock/unlock the valve working like a relay.
3. the third one is using a electronic accelerator controller. 

Most of the time, we just need to use the first one. Fuel type of GPS speed limiter. 

All these speed control ways have a real time GPS car tracking function basically. 


Q4. How many types of GPS Speed Limiter do you have? 

1. GPS tracker with integrated speed limiter
2. GPS tracking speed limiter
3. GPS based speed limiter

Q5. What's functions do your GPS speed limiter include? 

Real time GPS car tracking, online fleet platform management, speed limit, printing over speed records at interval of  5 seconds, etc. 

Q6. Which countries have you sold to regarding to GPS speed limiter? 
Ethiopia,Kenya, Nigeria,Rwanda,etc.