Q1. What is a speed limiter? 

SABO speed limiter sometimes referered to as speed governor, is used for controlling the maximum preset speed of a vehicle like trucks and forklifts.It will alarm the driver in advance before driving maximum speed preprogrammed by remote controller or software.At the same time,data will be recorded,such like speed,mileage,date,time,etc.


Q2.Why do we install speed limiters? 

Installing SABO speed limiters would improve road safety and save carriers money with increased fuel efficiency and reduced repair costs. 


Q3. How does the speed governor work in a vehicle? 

After we pre-set maximum speed on SABO speed governor, it does not allow the driver to accelerate beyond the maximum speed we pre-set. The device will beep before maximum speed, in order to alarm driver. 


Q4. How many types of Speed Limiter do you manufacture? 

There are two main types of speed limtier: one is Electronic Speed Limiter, the other is Mechanical Speed Limiter. 


Q5. How would the workability and functionality of the speed limiter be checked after installation? 

After installation, the installer can use SABO remote controller to check if the speed limiter is workable or not. It will save the time for installation correctly. 


Q6. In the case of emergency, how would the speed be increase beyond the limit in order to avert danger at a certain point. 

The Speed Limiter will not allow a driver to go beyond the pre-set speed limit, so the driver is expected to apply defensive driving technique. 


Q7. What's functions do your speed limiter include? 

It's a speed limiter,speed governor recorder, much more than speed limit. It will work without sim card, in order to save sim charge every month for companies' management.  


Q8. Which countries have you sold to regarding to road speed limiters & speed governor? 

SABO road speed limiters have been sold to over 200 countries and areas, including America USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai, Malaysia, UK, Mauritius, Philippines, Ghana, Egypt, Australia,Haiti,Uganda,Russia, Kenya, India, Finland,Ecquador, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Tanzania,Burundi,Indonesia, Kuwait,Oman,Newzealand,Namibia,Zambia,Ghana,Libya,Jordan,Swaziland,etc.


Q9. What products do you manufacture? 

 SABO Electronic Factory are a specialized manufacturer to supply the solutions as below. 

       -Truck Speed Limiter
      -Forklift Speed Limiter
      -Forklift Over Speed Alarm 
      -Forklift Speed Safety Management System
      -Speed Governor Recorder 
      -Fleet Management Solutions 
      -GPS Tracking System/GPS Tracking Device