GPS Real Time Tracking Speed Limiter

GPS Tracker integrated with Speed Limiter 2G Sim Card

Item No.: GPS tracker integrated speed limiter
GPS Real Time Tracking Device with Speed Limiter
Product name: GPS Tracker integrated with 2G Speed Limiter

It is a 2G GPS tracker with car speed limiting function,portable printer,data record,data retrieved by use of USB flash, real time GPS car tracking, speed violations detection,violations alarm,etc. This is a complete road safety solutions for pedestrian,passengers,drivers goods and fleet management.

Built-in Speed Limiter into 2G GPS tracke Main Features

1. GPS tracking device. it's a real time GPS tracking device with free platfrom and mobile APP. Fleet management for your vehicles. 

Voltage: 12v - 24v

2. Online Real Time GPS Tracking Function.  2G sim card. 

3. Lock/Unlock your care remotely by SMS or platform or mobile APP. 

4. Fuel monitor. (Optional) 

5. Speed Limiter. 
It will force to limit a preset maximum speed without affect your engine's power, all the speeds can be record, and it can be downloaded by use of a USB flash disk. 

The GPS speed limiter can be applicable for trucks cars school buses. 

7. Anti-cut function 
If GPS antenna or speed signal from orignal car is cut, the GPS speed limiter will go to a limp mode at maximum speed of 30km/h.  

8. USB flash for vehicle details configuration and download
Configuration in android phone instead of computer 
USB flash download reports including average speed at 5 seconds interval in 72 working hours. 

9. Printer ( Optional ) 
It supports to print out normal speeds, over speeds at interval of 5 seconds. And sending this data to your server. 

10. SMS alarm. ( 2G GPS Real Time Tracking Integrated)
Power removed alarm. 
Speeding reminder. 
Out of zone alert. 
Enter the zone alert.  
Emergency brake alert. 
Arm/disarm by SMS,phone call 
Fatigue driving alarm, if continuous driving time is over the limitation, the siren will sound to warn the driver
Lock/unlock the car remotely 
Check the car's real physical address (such as city name,street name) 
SOS alarm. SOS emergency call small button allowing urgent call during an emergency cage      

11. Online Real Time 2G GPS Tracking Reports. 
Mobile APP/Website Platform for vehicles monitor. 
Vehicles driving track playback. 
Mileage record statistics. 
Fuel monitor.How much fuel does every vehicle use and how much do they cost everyday. 
Online website tracking by GPRS data network. 
Track on command by mobile SMS to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc;    
Check the location directly by the Google map’s URL
Remote management ( The administrator just need to enter into the platform to check the situation of over speed )
Summary record ( Speed,Mileage,ACC state, Street address, Owner,Sim,etc.)      
Runtime record 
Real-Time Fleet Management Solutions       
Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering alarm  
Odometer function


Installation Wire Diagrams

1. Fuel pump Type ( Most of the time we use this way to control the feed of fuel pump)

Blue/Orange/Brown are wires from Inbuilt Relay. 

Orange wire: Common Point

Blue wire: Normal Closed

Brown wire: Normal Open

2. Add a Solenoid valve ( Optional )

3. Add a ECU/Electronic Accelerator Pedal controller ( Optional )

Computer Configuration software



Q1.Why do we have to install GPS Tracker integrated with Speed limiter for all commercial vehicles? 
Answer: It is a must to install GPS tracker integrated speed limiter for all commercial vehicles once the policy is published by one country's law for transport safety.

For example, Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Rwanda have been announed that all commercial vehicles must be installed this GPS tracker integrated speed limiter.

Especially,  from the year of 2021, Ethiopia had just started this implementation for GPS device installations on all of their commercial vehicles. 

Besides, other Africian countries are on the way to publish this implementation by their law for transport safety. That's why all commercial vehicles must be installed this GPS tracking device, but the most important thing is it must integrated speed limiting function to limit maximum speed.  

Q2. What is a GPS tracker integrated speed limiter? 
Answer: It's a GPS tracking device integrated speed limit function,include the functions real time GPS car tracking,fleet management and limit a pre-set maximum speed. All these speed data can be recorded and downloaded by USB disk.etc.
Q3. How does the GPS device work in a vehicle? 
Answer: here are mainly 3 types of GPS speed limiter. (2G sim card ) 
1. Normally we just use fuel type, in order to control the feed of fuel pump.  ( We usually use this type ) 
2. Second method is using an adjustable solenoid valve to lock/unlock the valve working like a relay. ( Optional ) 
3. the third one is using a electronic accelerator controller. ( Optional ) 

Most of the time, we just need to use the first one. Fuel pump type of GPS speed limiter. 

All these speed control ways have a real time GPS car tracking function basically. 

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