Forklift Over Speed Alarm

Forklift speed limit device - Over speeding alarm warning system

Item No.: SP02 Forklift speed limit device
Forklift speed limit device

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SP02 Forklift Speeding Alarm 

Features and functions 

1. Alarm prompt: alarm light flashing + voice alarm

2.High-quality LCD display screen. High heat resistance, long life, anti weathering.

3.With the function of reversing voice prompt.

4.With the function of remote control setting, available to set within one meter.

5. 10 levels of volume for adjustment.

6.External powerful speaker for alarm, warning sound up to 120dB.

7.Two kinds of warning: Flash lamp and voice alarm.

8.Three levels of speed setting. Over different levels of speed has different sound for warnings.

9.Alarm lock time can be adjusted from 0 to 99 seconds. If the speed of forklift exceeds the preset speed, it will warn automatically.

10.Waterproof capability is IP8, even able to work well in rain.

11.Adopt relay to control oil circuits, realizing overspeed locking and speed limit control.

12.Mechanical speed limit can be used together with mechanical throttle speed limiter.

13.Operating voltage: DC12V ~24V(48V is customizable).

14.Working temperature: -20~60℃.

15.Separate large LED screen display, display speed in real time.( Separate large LED is optional) 

16.Sound level: 120dB 

Remote Setting Functon 

Button Forklift Speeding Alarm SP02              SP02A-1 Mechanical Forklift Speed LImiter  &SP02A-2 Electric Forklift Speed Limiter                 
+ Data plus Data plus
- Data minus Data plus
Ok Confirmed Confirmed
Speed A.Over speed alarm setting
B.Light warning setting
C.Reverse over speed alarm setting
Max.speed preset 
Time Lock the forklift when overspeeding for the time set Buffer time for speed limitation setting
Press++--OK None Accelerator ontroller working time:3 seconds for mechanical controller.0 senconds for electronic controller and neutral position
Press+++-OK None pre-warning setting.

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