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GPS Tracker with Speed Limiter 2 in 1 combination

Item No.: GPS Tracker with Speed Limiter 2 in 1
It's a 2G GPS tracking system with speed limiter 2 in 1 for car.
GPS Speed Limiter is a 2G GPS real time tracking device to limit a maximum speed to a safe speed with no effect on the normal operation of vehicle.

It's a mandatory enforcement to install the GPS speed limiter for all motor vehicles once it is published by one country's law. Such like Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Rwanda. 

Installation Wire Diagrams - Fuel Pump Type for the GPS device.
When you connect Brown Wire, Don't Connect Blue Wire. It's controlling Fuel Pump. 
When you connect Blue Wire, Don't Connect Brown Wire. It's using solenoid valve. 
Brown and Blue are two wires come from Inbuilt Relay. We inbuilt Relay in this GPS Speed Limiter. 

Computer Configuration Software Instructions.

GPS speed limiter installation wire diagram.
Electronic Accelerator Pedal Controller's Wire Diagram - ECU Type. It's also called Drive By Wire. 

Main Features 
It can work as a GPS tracker basically. 
1. GPS tracking system with Speed Limiter. Voltage: 12v - 24v
2. USB flash download speed data,date,time,etc.
3. Mileage record in PDF format( It can calculate how many kilometers do the vehicles go every day )
4. Can force to limit the speed intelligently, safe speed limit.
5. Maximum pre-set speed can be set by administrator.
6. Can record the data ( speed record, longitude, latitude,strength of GPS signal,year, month, day, hour, munite, second, the speed of vehicle)
7. Can be directly on the software to see the tracking of speed, and tracking playback can also be viewed on the Google map.
8. Speed limit deviation: ± 2km/h
9. Voltage: DC12V to DC 24V
10. Extension USB cable for each device. 
11Online real time GPS tracking. 
12. Fleet management on platform
13. SMS message alarms.

Computer Configuration Software

Technical Parameters
1. Voltage: DC12-24V
2. Power: 5 w
3. Speed limit range:10-120 Km/h