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Forklift Speed Limiter to Deal With the Problems of Overspeed

According to lots of traffic accidents statistics, we can come with a conclusion that “nine out of ten traffic accidents are resulted from overspeed”. This time, let’s talk about the problems of over speed. 

Why some drivers overspeed?

1.Some drivers lack of the consciousness of traffic safety. They don’t realize the potential risk for themselves, passengers, pedestrians and other drivers in the road, so they choose to overspeed. These people don’t want to lay behind others, or they are in a hurry for some special things.

2.Motivated by interest. There is a fierce competition among freight train  Passenger cars. In order to carry more goods and passengers and earn more money, these drivers choose to overspeed.

3. Affected by some fiction films. It is not strange that “superman” in the movies ignore the traffic, so they can drive their car from the high building to the road or race as Formula one racing anytime. Some people especially young man, take their film idols as example, as a result overspeed.

Danger resulted from over speed

1.Inertia of vehicle has a positive correlation with speed. If the vehicle can not brake in time in case of emergency, accidents prone to happen. Car chain collision happens in highway because of overspeed and lack of enough safety distance.

2.Overspeed has a bad effect on the vehicle. Motor vehicle runs in overspeed for a long time will damage the structure of engine and transmission. Besides,overspeed destroys the vehicle index in some specific environment  increasing the working strength and load of vehicle, contributed to the abrasion and damage of machine element.

3.What’s worse, overspeed leads to traffic accidents which is harm for life and property security.

Suggestion for overspeed

1.Strengthen drivers’ self-discipline consciousness. As a qualified driver, he must strictly abide by the road traffic laws and regulations under different road conditions. Motor vehicle on road shall not exceed maximum speed indicated on the speed limit signs.If there is no speed limit signs on road, drivers should keep a safe distance between his car and other driver’s. Driving at night  prone to dangerous should reduce speed.

2.Traffic Police Department should make efforts on promotion of traffic safety and enforcement.

3.Speed limiter can be installed on the car. To err is human, we can do best with the help of some technological products. Speed limiter adopts main engine to control the vehicle. Smart chip in it ensure the accuracy to limit speed. The installation of vehicle speed limiter or forklift speed limiter won’t have bad effect on the car. It won’t affect the accelerator or power. Now,we all know speed limiting is of vital importance, so is the quality of speed limiter. SABO is a professional engaged in trucks cars and forklifts speed limiter those have applied for global and national invention patents. Professionalization derives from concentration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         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