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Improving Road Safety of Tank Truck by Speed Governor Installation

Improving Road Safety of Tank Truck by SABO Speed Governor Installation

Overspeeding is one of the major reasons of high number of fatalities caused by traffic accident. It has become main concern since last decades.Approximately of 10.5% fatalities is caused by tank truck car accident, some countries in 2015 that 17% and 20% tank truck accident car is caused by over speed and fatigue, respectively. Therefore, over speed has become main factor the occurrence of tank truck accident. Main objective of this research is to install speed governor on the tank truck in order to improve safety engineering system, decrease accident,save fuel and to maintain engine performance.SABO Speed Governor is installed to the tank truck engine which completed by fuel cut-off solenoid valve, electronic engine and accelerator pedal, to reduce the speed automatically when it exceeding the maximum speed that has been determined. From the result shows that top speed which performed by driver up to 130 km/h when tank truck uninstalled by speed limiter. Meanwhile, when speed governor is installed to the tank truck,top speed locked at pre-set 80 km/h even though the driver want to speed up. It means that SABO speed control system is very effective to lock the pre-set speed at 80 km/h or any other maximum speed. The monitoring activities observed that the decreasing number of fatalities caused by tank truck accident become 7% as compared to 17% in 2015. It can be found that SABO speed governor coupled by speed recorder is very efficient to improve safety engineering system of the tank truck.