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GPS Real Time Tracking Speed Limiter

Real Time GPS Tracking Fleet Management with Speed Limiter

Inbuilt Relay GPS tracker integrated Speed Limiter is a device to limit a maximum speed to a safe speed with no effect on the normal operation of vehicle. The basic function is a real time GPS tracking fleet management. 

It's a mandartory enforcement to install GPS Speed Limiter according to African countries' Transportation Authority Standard.Such like Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Rwanda and other African countries. 

As we all know, over-speeding is the major cause of accidents in our roads and we have to look for all possible ways in curbing this menace. Speed control is necessary to reduce accidents in the roads. Except that, we also need to know the details of the cars, like current location, speed, etc, and then when accident occur, we can offer help in time. 

At this time, GPS Tracker integarted Speed Limiter will help for African Transporat Authorities Implementations.