Forklift Speed Limiter

Mechanical Forklift Speed Limiter

Item No.: SP02A-1Mechanical Forklift Speed Limiter

Focus On Speed Limiter Manufacturing For 11 Years. We Don't Produce Other Car Electronic Products. 

Product Introduction

SABO Mechanical Forklift Speed Limiter is controlled by microcomputer to realize the effective control of highest speed, to completely avoid the hidden danger of over speed, at the same time, to ensure accelerator pedal free action within the scope of speed limit. The products are applicable to mechanical accelerator forklift.

Speed limit range: from 1km/h to 30km/h  freely set by administrator.

Product Features

  • Forced speed limit function: Can control vehicle’s maximum speed 

  • Remote control setting function: Available

  • External sound warning: Loud, clear, soundness output up to 120DB

  • Voice alarming can be changed

  • Rank of Waterproof : Rank 8  

Technical Parameters

  • Applicable environment temperature is from - 35 ℃ to 80 ℃,it can operate normally when relative humidity is not more than 90%.

  • Speed limit range:1-30 Km/h

  • Speed limit deviation:±1 Km/h

  • Working voltage: 12-24V

  • Ant-vibration performance metrics:20 to 50 HZ frequency

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: voltage of anti-pulse reaches 4000V

  • Working power: 15 w


Remote Setting Functon 

Button Forklift Speeding Alarm SP02              SP02A-1 Mechanical Forklift Speed LImiter  &SP02A-2 Electric Forklift Speed Limiter                 
+ Data plus Data plus
- Data minus Data plus
Ok Confirmed Confirmed
Speed A.Over speed alarm setting
B.Light warning setting
C.Reverse over speed alarm setting
Max.speed preset 
Time Lock the forklift when overspeeding for the time set Buffer time for speed limitation setting
Press++--OK None Accelerator ontroller working time:3 seconds for mechanical controller.0 senconds for electronic controller and neutral position
Press+++-OK None pre-warning setting.

Remote controller for Forklift Speed Governor