Vehicle Speed Limiter With GPS Car Tracking System

SPG02C Vehicle Speed Limiter With GPS Car Tracking System

Item No.: Vehicle Speed Governor With GPS Tracking
SPG02C Vehicle Speed Limiter is a speed limiter work via computer software instructions that are integraded within the varous engine management functions.SPG02C speed limiter supports online fleet management system with multi-functions,including bluetooth

Focus On Speed Limiter Manufacturing For 11 Years. We Don't Produce Other Car Electronic Products. 

Model SPG02C is a modern approved vehicle Speed limiter with intergrated GPS vehicle tracking system,portable printer,speed limiter,bluetooth,data record,data retrieved by use of USB flash,real time GPS vehicle tracking, Geo fence speed limit, speed violations detection,violations alarm,etc. SPG02C is a complete road safety solutions for pedestrian,passengers,drivers goods and fleet management.

Main Features:
1.Speed Limiter. 
Speed limit at a preset speed. 
Geo fencing speed limitation. Specific speed limit value at specific areas. 
Can be applicable for trucks cars school buses. 

2.Bluetooth function 
Only authorized persons are able to config vehicle details by phone.

3. Anti-disconnection

4. Tamper proof

5.USB flash and Bluetooth download data 
Download average speed in every minute in 15 minutes 
Configuration in android phone instead of computer 
USB flash download reports including average speed at 5 seconds interval in 72 working hours. 

6. Bluetooth
Only authorized persons are able to configurate vehicles details and read reports by bluetooth in mobile phone.Any unauthorized persons can only view reports by bluetooth.
So policemen or engineers don’t need to carry a laptop for reading or configuration vehicle details when they are out of offices.

7.SMS alarm. 
Power removed alarm. 
Vibration alarm.
Speeding reminder. 
Out of zone alert. 
Enter the zone alert.  
Emergency brake alert. 
Arm/disarm by SMS,phone call 
Fatigue driving alarm, if continuous driving time is over the limitation, the siren will sound to warn the driver
Lock/unlock the cars remotely 
Check the car's real physical address (such as city name,street name) 
SOS alarm. SOS emergency call small button allowing urgent call during an emergency cage      

Mobile APP/Website Platform for vehicles monitor. 
Vehicles driving track playback. 
Mileage record statistics. 
Fuel monitor.How much fuel does every vehicle use and how much do they cost everyday. 
Online website tracking by GPRS data network. 
Track on command by mobile SMS to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc;    
Check the location directly by the Google map’s URL
Remote management ( The administrator just need to enter into the platform to check the situation of over speed )
Summary record ( Speed,Mileage,ACC state, Street address, Owner,Sim,etc.)      
Runtime record 
Real-Time Fleet Management Solutions       
Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering alarm  
Odometer function     

Technical Parameters:

1.Wide Working Voltage range, from DC6V~45VDC, suitable for car or big truck. 

2.Working Current:﹤200mA

3.Consumption of Power: 5W

4.Loudness of Alarming output: 20dB

5.Grade of waterproof: waterproof

6.Working temperature: -40℃~85℃

7.Vibration-resistance performance indicator: Frequency 20-50HZ, acceleration 1g

8.The Electromagnetic Compatibility: voltage of anti-pulse reaches to 4000V

9.Dimension: 145*92*35MM

10.Net Weight: 2.0KG

Advantages of SPG02C Vehicle Speed Limiter 

1. Use latest smart micro controller to restrict speed.
2. Data can be viewed directly on computer and look over the movement track of vehicles on Google Map
3.Design and development meet  America USA, United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai, Malaysia, UK, Mauritius, Philippines, Ghana, Egypt, Australia,Haiti,Uganda,Russia, Kenya, India, Finland,Ecquador, Saudi Arabia, Norway,Tanzania,Burundi,Indonesia,Kuwait,Oman,Newzealand,Indonesia,Ghana,etc.and other countries standard.
4. It proved to be used in extreme weather, resistance to vibration and shock.
5.Won't be affected by weather.

 Product Advantages:

1.Safe—— Sabo Vehicle Speed limiter can help drivers to completely control the speed when urgent situation occurs.  

2.Energy-saving—— Speed can be controlled via sensor, to reduce the fuel consumption greatly.

3.High performance—— Speed control means reducing the number of braking, shocking, load of engine and abrasion. All in all, high performance it is.

4.Environmental protection—— Precise controlling to realize the highest performance of engine, reduce emission and air pollution.